• 6 Logo Design Trends to Adopt in 2021
    The global pandemic that last year wreaked havoc across the globe has made its way into the first half of 2021. And with it? A dire need for businesses to step it up. Especially true for smaller companies offering a service that’s not entirely niche. So, how do you successfully break through the clutter to establish a stand-out business amidst a questionable economy? You make a good first impression.
  • Brand Strategy and the Power of a Good Story
    If your brand is the book, your brand strategy is the story. To better your chances of it becoming a bestseller, it needs to be unique, authentic and emotive.
  • Entrepreneurs Will be Vital for Recovery in a Post-Pandemic World
    While we’re still battling the current gloomy outlook of the ‘new normal’, there seems to be a hint of optimism in the air.