The brief

Tip4Change is an exciting new App that facilitates gratuities between tippers and service attendants e.g. petrol pump attendants as a cashless tip. Tip4Change required a corporate identity and supporting visual language that is modern, eye-catching and engaging, and mirrors the simplicity of the platform.

The solution

The logo icon draws inspiration from the squares of a QR code, the mechanism used to transact with Tip4Change. A square shape elicits stability and balance. It depicts strength, professionalism and efficiency.

Developing the square into a 3D shape created depth and interest by introducing an additional shape – an arrow. Arrows denote positive movement, making it a great logo symbol in the investment sector. A triangle can also be seen, which is the economic symbol for change.

The primary logo colour palette is a pairing of yellow and turquoise. Yellow for being the most visible and attention grabbing colour in the spectrum. It is the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness. It represents accessibility and positivity. Turquoise signifies open communication which further alludes to the ease in which this platform allows tippers to give cashless gratitude to service attendants.

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