The brief

LuluBelle is a clothing boutique for women that embodies the art of femininity. Specialising in sparkling accessories, fine clothing and gorgeous textiles. LuluBelle needed an online presence and invited us to design their website. The website launched with their A/W 2020 collection.

The solution

Our approach was to embrace the brand’s love of exquisite things and to create a graceful site. Big beautiful images embody the sensuality and sophistication of the clothing and accessories.

The winter colour palette draws inspiration from the rich, warm colours of the textiles in the collection. The selected fonts further express the brand’s femininity. A script font for headlines speaking to the curated, hand-picked merchandise and a soft sans-serif font for the body copy. The hand drawn illustrations are a nod to the detailed eye-catching embroidery on numerous garments.

The clean UX seamlessly leads the users to explore, enquire and purchase online.

The site is feminine, elegant and contemporary; easily engaging the client with a mix of inspired collections and emotive content.

Visit LuluBelle at