The brief

To create a logo design and visual language for FutureFit, an online learning platform which provides an assessment tool and subsequent learning pathway to ensure that one has the required skills to be future-ready.

The solution

The logo design taps into our ability as humans to adapt and strive to be better by always moving forward. In order to do that, we need to actively seek ways to stay future-ready, by improving our technical knowledge, capabilities and personal awareness.

The crafted and rotated “F” indicates momentum and entrenches the idea that FutureFit is unique and tailor-made for each individual.

The icon is then flipped to represent an arrow, which suggests forward movement, future-thinking and positivity.

The colour palette expands across the blue spectrum from navy to turquoise, from responsibility and trustworthiness to freshness, energy and wholeness. The gradient implies creativity, imagination and innovation, inviting a conversation with FutureFit.

The result is a brand identity that is professional, contemporary and dynamic ensuring that all your professional aspirations are future-fit.

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