The brief

FutureFit identified the need for individuals and corporates to empower themselves for changes in the workplace by focusing on behavioural and skills development.
We were tasked to design a user-friendly website that differentiated them from their competitors. We answered with a bold, colourful website.

The solution

Our approach was to create a modern experience combined with the brand’s human centric focus.

The design of the site was inspired by the corporate identity and visual language, which we had developed.

The flow is designed to take the user on an online education journey from identifying areas of strength and weakness, through the FutureFit Assessment to purchasing best-practice and up-to-date courses curated by local and global experts.

Our challenge was to present a large amount of content whilst keeping the site engaging and making it relevant for both their B2B and B2C customers.

The site is eye-catching, user-friendly and making waves in the competitive online education environment.

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